Yes, You Can Charge Your Electric Cars with Solar Energy

Charge Your Electric Cars with Solar Energy

Yes, You Can Charge Your Electric Cars with Solar Energy

Many people purchase electric cars to lessen emissions and improve the environment. However, owning an electric car can quickly become pricey as most utility companies charge for electricity based on a tier system. Using more power to charge your vehicle can place you in a higher tier, which could make your utility bill skyrocket.

If you’re conscientious enough about the environment to purchase an electric car, chances are that you’ve previously shown an interest in solar panels as well. If you’ve wondered whether or not a solar panel system could power an electric car, the answer is yes. Depending on how big of a system you install, you could power your electric car with no or minimal costs.

If you have an electric car and are looking to install a solar system in your home, you will want to estimate how many kilowatt hours you will need to power your vehicle each month and add that to how many kilowatt hours your home requires each month. Electric cars need about 30 kWh to power the car for 100 miles. You’ll want to factor in how many miles you drive in a month. It may even be helpful to track a month of use on your vehicle to see how many miles you put on your car.

Once you’ve figured out how much energy your vehicle will require, you can talk with a qualified solar consultant to discover what kind of system will be best suited to the needs of your home and vehicle. While a solar system can be expensive, depending on the quality of the panels and installation, the savings you experience will be well worth it. Even if you go over the amount of solar energy your system produces, if you stay in the first tier of your electricity company’s payment system, you will still be cutting your fuel bill nearly in half.

Those who are very environmentally conscientious may be tempted to jump into purchasing a solar system right away. However, before making any significant decisions regarding purchasing solar for your home, make sure you do the necessary research to make sure a solar system will meet the needs of your home and your vehicle. If a solar system is a good fit for you, you can take pride in knowing that you are not only making a difference for the environment, but also saving significantly on energy.