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Is solar really worth it?

A solar PV system can absolutely be a powerful invest that can benefit your financial situation in multiple ways. However, solar isn’t always a perfect fit for every house. It is important to have proper analysis of your property and utility costs before moving forward with a solar PV project.

Why do I need to buy a SunFacts™ Report when a salesman has already given me one?

Solar contractors and salespeople don’t always have expert-level technical knowledge and they aren’t always completely honest. Even the ones that are knowledgeable are still wanting to get a sale to collect their commission. We don’t hide anything from you, especially if there is something negative. Just like you wouldn’t completely trust a car salesperson, you shouldn’t trust a solar salesperson with such an important investment.

What makes SunFacts™ Reports different than other proposals?

Many solar contractors use software to auto-populate a sales proposal without actually taking into account all the specifics of your particular project. You also have no way of knowing if the data they input is correct or just what they want you to see. We only use highly trained PV engineers to take a comprehensive, honest look into your proposed system.

What can I do with my SunFacts™ Report?

Most homeowners don’t have extensive solar knowledge, so they have to buy whatever is offered to them. With the SunFacts™ Report, you will be able to show a contractor exactly what you want and will have the confidence to negotiate with any solar company you want.

How long does it take to receive my SunFacts™ Report?

Each SunFacts™ Report is carefully produced by our engineers, this process can take time. We are usually able to return your completed report within 2-5 business days. If we need any additional information, our technicians will contact you immediately.

Can you tell me exactly what equipment will work best for me?

Absolutely! We know there are so many makes and models of solar equipment it is almost impossible to know what you need. We use our experience and technical knowledge to figure out what will make your system as efficient and profitable as possible!

What if I don’t want to install my own system, but still want to obtain my own permit?

We are more than happy to assist you through the entire process of obtaining a permit and getting a system installed. Most reputable contractors are more than happy to use your permit and design and it can make the install process go much faster too!

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