About SEG

Your Advantage in Purchasing Solar!

Solar Engineering Group (SEG) is a team of dedicated engineers and designers that focuses solely on Solar PV engineering.

We pride ourselves in our highly trained, never outsourced, engineering teams that craft each product with consideration and expertise. Solar PV (solar panel installation) can be overwhelming and, like any major investment, it is necessary to have accurate information before you can move forward with confidence.

We believe our clients shouldn’t have to rely on the word of a salesperson when shopping for solar panels; instead, our goal is for you to have the upper hand in deciding whether solar makes sense for you when shopping for solar PV. Order your report now.

Our Products

“We have produced thousands of high-quality PV designs and assessments all over the world for huge companies and we are looking forward to providing that very same support for you!”

Our products are also created and customized for each individual project. We never use cheap auto-fill software that delivers inaccurate and outdated assessments; we believe you deserve better than that. Everyone deserves to get their information directly from a PV professional, and that is exactly what we do!

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