The Best Location for Solar Panels

Best Location for Solar Panels

The Best Location for Solar Panels

Solar panel location is an important thing to consider when installing solar panels in your home. Solar panels are typically installed in a fixed manner on the roof of your house and should be facing South, which receives the most sunlight.

Solar panels generate more electricity when they get the most sunlight, which comes from the southern direction. There is a difference between the “magnetic south” and the “true south.” Solar panels should face the true south. A compass points to the magnetic south or the south pole. However, this isn’t exact, because the needle of the compass is pulled slightly away from true south because of the earth’s fluid metal outer core.

When your roof faces east or west and there is no way for the solar panels to face south, you can aim for more energy collection by using more solar panels. Another option is to mount the panels on a rack facing the south, although this option would entail more cost.

Some homeowners even install the solar panels on the walls of the home that are facing south. While this may be unusual, and when zoning allows, it is an effective way of getting the most sunlight for your solar panels.