Is There a Way to Fix a Cracked Solar Panel?

Cracked Solar Panel

Is There a Way to Fix a Cracked Solar Panel?

During their lifetime, solar panels are exposed to a variety of situations that damage them in some way. Whether it be due to installation problems or the force of the elements, there is a chance that your solar panels may experience minor damage at some point. While a compromised solar panel is not a total loss, it will not perform to its maximum potential. When a panel is significantly damaged, it can’t generate as much power, but as long as the cell is not more than 20 percent damaged, it should be able to produce most of its rated voltage.

For homeowners who are looking to install solar panels on a budget, cracked or broken solar panels will still produce voltage. However, they are more likely to stop working sooner as constant exposure to the elements will eventually damage the cells. So if you are looking for longevity when you purchase solar panels, steer clear of those that are cracked or broken.

Once a solar panel is compromised, there’s no way to fix it. While it will still work, you can’t reattach parts that have broken off. Be wary of websites or people who tell you that they can repair your solar panels. PV panels require the cells to be completely sealed to allow optimum performance. The only way to repair the damage for optimum output is to replace the panel.

For people who already own solar panels, the best way to keep the panels in the best possible condition is through prevention and maintenance. Keeping your solar panels clean can help them put out the maximum amount of voltage. However, make sure you don’t rinse them off with cold water, as the warm panels could crack when coming in contact with the cold. Instead, use warm water to perform the task. Additionally, if there are objects nearby, like tree branches, trim back those trees so that unexpected weather doesn’t bring them crashing down on your panels.

While there’s not much you can do to fix a solar panel that’s already damaged, you can do your best to prevent further harm. If you are vigilant with your maintenance, you can keep your panels working at optimum capacity.