Honor Earth Day by Considering Going Solar

Earth Day Solar Panel

Honor Earth Day by Considering Going Solar

Earth Day is an annual event held on April 22 where various activities are prepared to help spread awareness of and support for the environment. It started as a small event but has steadily grown throughout the years, and for a good reason: the environment needs help, and we can evoke positive change through our choices.

One of the biggest causes of the environmental problems that we are experiencing is our heavy reliance on fossil fuel as our primary source of power. This is also the reason why adopting a renewable source of energy such as solar power is one of the best ways to help save the environment. This alternative source of energy brings a slew of benefits to both you and the planet. Among these benefits are better water, cleaner air, and less dependance on non-renewable resources.


Just about everything that is manmade will use water or need water at some point in the manufacturing process. When it comes to traditional sources of energy such as geothermal plants, water is needed as a cooling mechanism. These processes can damage the water and fill it with harmful chemicals and pollutants. Photovoltaic cells, on the other hand, produce electricity without water, which is something that a lot of people don’t realize. This means that generating electricity through solar energy won’t produce any water pollution.


Our dependence on fossil fuels means that we need to burn them to produce energy. However, as a byproduct, smoke, especially carbon dioxide, is released in substantial quantities. This is a problem because carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can trap heat inside the planet. Not only does it trap heat, but burning these carbon-based fuel sources emits a lot of air pollution which can cause respiratory illnesses. By installing solar panels and utilizing solar power, we can reduce our dependence on these fossil fuels, and we can drastically cut back on the amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses that are produced. All of these factors lead to air that is better for all living things on our planet.

Dependence on Non-renewable Resources

Right now, our society uses fossil fuel to power nearly everything in our lives. The problem with this energy source is that fossil fuels are a finite resource that will eventually run out. They take millions of years to form, and we are using them up quicker than they are being created and discovered.

Considering solar energy is a proactive approach to combating an inevitable energy shortage. As you’re doing your research on whether solar is a good opportunity for you, order a SunFacts report through SEG (Solar Engineering Group). Each report is customized to your specific needs, and it provides valuable insight into your home and how solar energy can benefit you.

Earth Day is an important event to help spread awareness about the current state of our planet. You might think that just one person won’t make much of a difference, but if everybody honors the observance by taking some small step to improve the planet, it can all add up to a more sustainable future for mankind.